Global Circle for Reparations and Healing (GCRH) Criteria and Values Statement

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Global Circle for Reparations and Healing Network Member Criteria 

  1. Organization/Individual must be working on reparations or healing in some capacity
  1. Must complete THIS FORM to collect vital information about you and your work
  1. Must join and be an active member of one of the six GCRH working groups 
  1. Must attend quarterly All-Network meetings (four meetings per year)
  1. Must agree to abide by the GCRH Values Statement 


Global Circle for Reparations and Healing Values Statement

​​Recognizing the importance of reparations and healing as a global imperative, we, the Global Circle for Reparations and Healing are charging the Global African Reparations Movement to build upon the legacies established by social movements that produced outcomes such as the 1993 Abuja Proclamation and the 2001 Durban Declaration and Program of Action. While we are opposed to past colonialism, apartheid and slavery, we are also opposed to all current and contemporary forms of colonialism, apartheid, xenophobia and exploitation. We condemn the outright use of  violence and terror designed to extract, exploit and advance the system of plunder. 


We affirm the thrust of the Durban Declaration and Program of Action in declaring that massive harms committed by various European governments, institutions, corporations and families equated to crimes against African humanity. That the crimes of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, colonialism, apartheid and neocolonialism and the systems, structures and institutions established to perpetuate these harms have left a negative injurious legacy that impacts every aspect of the lives of people of African descent around the world, in the present day and stymies the capacity to be fully self-determining and accorded the rights owed by virtue of being human. We further hold that there is both a moral and legal obligation of the perpetrators of the crimes to engage in full reparations wherever the crimes were committed and the legacies persist.


Our vision for Black people is expansionary and inclusive. We value the lives of Africans globally. We do not discriminate nor differentiate value of our Blackness based on geography, language, socioeconomic status, sexual identity, gender identity, religion or spiritual tradition. Our common bond is our belief in the full human rights and dignity of Black people around the world. We espouse a Pan-African vision that acknowledges a common bond upon which we can build relationships that allow us to work collectively toward our liberation and advance the cause of reparative justice and collective healing.